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Security Incident & Event Monitoring - plus

RazorBlock SIEM+

RazorBlock SIEM+ gives you the power to collect and analyze data from across your organization, allowing you to meet compliance, increase visibility, and get alerts based on multiple threat feeds and correlation rules.



Collect event data across your organization and cloud platforms. Using our local collectors, securely collect data from anywhere.



SIEM+ will store your data in an isolated repository dedicated to your organization. No shared repos here!



SIEM+ will analyze your data and alert you when threats are detected. Additionally search your data whenever you want, letting you get more done in less time!

Everything you need, in one pane of glass.

SIEM+ is a complete security visibility package, allowing you to ingest, analyze, scan, report and get alerts - keeping you one step ahead of the malicious actors. SIEM+ combines a fully integrated cloud deployed console with multiple collector options to collect data from every corner of your infrastructure. No matter your data collection goals, why settle for anything less than SIEM+?

Security Alerts

Rapidly respond to events you want to know about with correlated security alerts.

Multiple Threat Feeds

A combination of threat feeds to ensure you're covered from all angles.

Log Management

Dramatically improve visbility by Aggregating event data across your organization.

Compliance Management

Meet, exceed, and maintain mandated requirements such as PCI-DSS and HIPAA faster and easier.

Asset Scanning

Asset scans lets you know what you have on your network for complete visibility.

Vulnerability Scanner

Scan your assets for vulnerabilities so you can resolve them before they become an issue.

Custom Reporting

Use out of the box reports, or custom build your own, to get the reports you need.

Flow Accounting

Monitor & search NetFlow, JFlow and/or SFlow to gain critical knowledge about network activity.

Intrusion Detection

Analyze raw network traffic to find threats that may not be in your logs or generated by rogue assets.

Flexible Collectors

Collect and initiate scans from within your networks by deploying our collectors on VMware, Hyper-V, AWS and more.

Technical Support

Technical support available during business hours, or upgrade to 24/7 support for mission critical environments.

Cloud Integrations

Integrate with a range of cloud services out of the box - including Office365, AWS, BitDefender, Google Cloud, and more.

Affordable for any organization.

SIEM+ has been designed to be simple and affordable for any organization. The platform comes with all features enabled, and the following tiers allow you various levels of storage and support requests.

  • With up to 100GB of data storage, this tier gets you going so you can start collecting the data you need for compliance, problem solving, and more. Includes up to 3 support requests a month for hands on assistance with getting data in to the platform.
  • Step up to the most popular level and get 500GB of data storage to make sure nothing is missed and increase your retention time. All features are included, and the number of included monthly support requests is increased to 5.
  • With SIEM+ Ultimate, get 1000GB of data storage, and up to 10 support requests a month! This tier is typically large enough for most organizations, but if you need more, we're happy to provide a custom quote to go above and beyond!
What's included?

In addition to all features, here is what's included with your subscription.

  • Cloud Console
    Cloud console included allows you to manage your security from anywhere. Take the headache out of deploying and maintaining your console.
  • Location License
    One location license is included allowing you to collect data from one of your physical or cloud locations using one of our Collectors, up to 500 assets.
  • 500-Asset License
    Up to 500 detected assets are included on your network. An asset is anything with an IP address, and should be enough for most networks!
  • 5 User Accounts
    With 5 user accounts you can allow anyone who needs to login direct access. Various roles let you set how much control they have too!
Adaptable to any environment.

Flexible collector deployment options ensure you can deploy SIEM+ collectors everywhere you need it. From on-premise to cloud, make sure you aren't left exposed by deployment limitations.


Software virtual appliance with rapid deployment in to VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. Deploy on dedicated hardware using the free VMware vSphere Hypervisor, or your existing virtual infrastructure for rapid deployment.


Whether you'd like to leverage a fully cloud managed solution, or deploy the collector in to your own private cloud on Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google GCP, we have a cloud deployment option to meet your requirements.

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